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Did you Know that an Auto Wrecker Can Help You Out?

We say that there is nothing more annoying than searching for your car keys. As a matter of fact there is. Losing them can be more frustrating than anything. Luckily, there are many options for replacing your car keys. One of the fastest, easiest and cheapest options is to call an auto wrecker service provider that offers such services. Here are others.

Car Dealer

The thing with car keys, especially newer ones, is that they are more than just simple keys like the ones you open your front door with. Most of them contain security chips that prevent thieves from stealing your vehicle. Although this is a very appreciated safety feature, it also cases complications when it comes to replacing the car keys.

One of the most popular places you can go to, and have your car keys replaced is your local car dealer, or the one you bought your car from. The problem is that you may need the documentation for the car to confirm that you bought your car from them. Most people keep the documents in the car, so since you can’t open it, you can’t have the documents. And then, there is another problems with car dealers. They usually charge a steep price.


In order to avoid the cost of an expensive replacement from your car dealer, consider consulting with a locksmith. An ordinary car key (without the security chip) will cost you not more than a few dollars. Additionally, many locksmiths can also program a keyless remote for you, and all for a fraction of the price a car dealer would charge. The only problem is that you have to bring your car to the locksmith, but since you don’t have keys, this is unlikely to happen.

Specialized Auto Wrecker

Only a few people know that many wrecker service providers offer lockout services. The main benefit of using the services of an auto wrecker is convenience. All you have to do is call (270) 594-5041, and they will send a specialized technician to make a copy of your key on-site.

If you lost your car keys, contact Cross Roads Towing and Auto Repair. We are located in Smiths Grove, KY, but serve all the surrounding areas.

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