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What Exactly Does an Auto Wrecker Do?

A tow truck ready for actionThe phrase auto wrecker may sound like they spend their days crashing into cars, but they’re actually brought in after this has happened. The phrases auto wreckers and tow trucks are sometimes used interchangeably, however, not all auto wreckers use towing equipment to transport wrecked or inoperable cars from the road. Tow trucks could also have different destinations than an auto wrecker. It depends on the fate of the cars that are involved.

Whenever an accident happens, the first responders will normally call in a trustworthy auto wrecker to help with the clean up. Often, several towing services will be sent in rotation to see to these emergency call outs. Drivers of auto wreckers could clean away glass and other debris, then see to any gasoline spills and other hazardous instances. Lastly, auto wreckers will remove crashed vehicles to repair centers or impound lots. Sometimes the vehicle can be placed on a tow truck and taken to the garage, however, other times the whole vehicle has to be placed on a flatbed trailer.

An auto wrecker is not always associated with car service centers or garages. Many take wrecked or faulty vehicles to open fields that store hundreds of other vehicles. Employees of these yards spend a lot of their time salvaging parts to re-sell. Should the wrecked vehicle be declared a complete loss by its owner’s insurance company, the auto wrecking service will assume ownership of the vehicle. Even should there be some salvageable parts left, the metal can be sold for scrap for recycling.

Auto wreckers could also be brought in to remove unwanted vehicles from owners. This service could be free, since the salvage company normally benefits financially from the reselling of the vehicles usable parts. Others may offer a payment for the ownership papers and parts such as batteries and radiators. Sales of wrecked cars are thought to be final, so ensure all valuables and documents are removed before an auto wrecker gets involved.

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