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A 24 Hour Towing Company You Can Rely On

If you are experiencing a major car breakdown and you are looking for a reliable towing company to get you out of a messy situation, then you have come to the right place! Cross Roads Towing and Auto Repair is the expert 24 hour towing company that will make sure that you and your car are taken to a safe location with our expert towing solutions. We are a towing company in Smiths Grove, KY, and for over 17 years, we have provided quality towing services that made us one of the trusted towing service providers around.

High-Quality Tow Trucks
The last thing that we want to do is to send you a tow truck that looks like it was built from a combination of scrap metal and old parts, and looks like it needs to be towed itself! As a trusted 24 hour towing company that has a solid reputation in the area, we make sure that we send you a tow truck that is maintained regularly and a team of friendly and skilled towing experts that will tow your truck to a safe location and away from the dangers of oncoming traffic. Our tow truck will transport your car to your intended destination, whether to an auto repair shop or straight to your home.

Safe and Fast Towing
If you are worried about your car getting scratches, then worry no more because you will not be getting that from us! We always make sure that the towing process is safe for both you and your car. We use safe practices to mount your car to our towing truck, and once your vehicle arrives at your preferred destination, you will hardly notice any scratches at all. We also value your time and that is why we will make sure that the towing process is done quickly.

Call Cross Roads Towing and Auto Repair now at (270) 594-5041 for expert 24 hour towing services. Our dispatchers in Smiths Grove, KY are always ready to send a tow truck to your location anytime.

We offer trustworthy 24 hour towing service in Smiths Grove, KY

Cross Roads Towing and Auto Repair | Smiths Grove, KY
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